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Decades in the criminal justice system and uniquely qualified to help you navigate through

I grew up in the South Bay and went to El Camino College.  This is my home, and these are my people.  When I was a young man, I spent two years as a missionary in South America where I became fluent in Spanish.  I also learned to focus on people and not results.  The justice system can be imposing and clients need a counsellor at law, not just someone who goes to court with them.  That’s why my practice is focused on getting the best results for the indivdual and in helping people have reasonable expectations about potential outcomes.  I always had an interest in government and the law, and so I pursued a career in police work where I worked in patrol, traffic enforcement, and plain clothes/undercover narcotics and vice enforcement.  I know how police investigations are conducted, and know how cops think.  This gives me some distinct advantages that other lawyers simply don’t have.  I finished my bachelor’s degree while I was working as a police officer and headed off to law school.  For two years in law school, I was the teaching assistant for the crminal law and criminal procedure courses.  I know this stuff like the back of my hand.  Having now worked as a prosecutor trying criminal cases, and working exclusively on death penalty litigation for a decade at the federal court, my focus on what are the most important aspects of criminal defense work is finely tuned.  I know I can be of assistance to you.